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5 Seconds Away From Tragedy

Posted by David Happe on

I made a bad decision last night. Actually, several.

I put us in a position to be 5 seconds away from tragedy.

I was in the wrong part of town, sitting on a tailgate of my truck with my kid, eating an ice cream cone. We were on a busy street.

A car pulled up across from us and stopped in a no-parking zone, and the car's passengers slunk down low in their seats (all four of them). My danger radar went off.

Three or four minutes passed, with my eyes glued to the potential threat. Using the OODA loop, I observed, oriented, decided, and then acted.

I swooped up the kid, discarded the ice cream, and made a bee line towards an open storefront behind us, not wanting to turn my back on the threat vehicle to get the kid into the car.

In the same split second that we fled, the threat vehicle left also. Coincidence? Likely not. Problem averted? Likely.

I could have avoided the whole unsafe situation. Several things I did contributed to our vulnerability. First and foremost, I let my normally protective guard down.

Life changes in an instant.

Perhaps nothing would have happened. But...

In five seconds, I could have been shot, and the kid I was with could have been on her way into the dark underworld. It would have been my fault for erring in judgment.

Practice vigilance. Be intentional. Safety doesn't happen by accident.

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