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Act (The Last Phase of the OODA Loop)

Posted by David Happe on

A few days back I introduced you to the first step in the OODA loop, which is to observe.  We also previously talked about the second step of the loop, which is to orient.   We covered the third phase of the process, which is to decide.  And now, we finish the loop by taking action.  

We're talking about an action strategy developed by USAF Colonel John Boyd.
Observe ---->  Orient ---->  Decide ----> Act

We're going to rapidly jump in on our decision with swift action.  No hesitation.  Nothing but 100% committed deliberate execution of the decision to act.  Simultaneously, we jump back to observing what circumstances are changing.  Measuring reaction.  Back to the beginning of the loop.  

Action needs to be a reflex.  The thinking is done and the action comes swiftly.  Decisively.  We act more quickly than our opponent can react.  Our action should be completed while they are still jarred back to their own observation step.  Our action is unexpected.  We have just broken their OODA loop, forcing them back on to our plan.

Observe ---->  Orient ---->  Decide ----> Act
Observe ---->  Orient ---->  Decide ----> Act
Observe ---->  Orient ---->  Decide ----> Act
Observe ---->  Orient ---->  Decide ----> Act

Safety doesn't happen by accident.  This is a life skill that you can practice, tune, and call on reflexively when needed.

Observe ---->  Orient ---->  Decide ----> Act
Observe ---->  Orient ---->  Decide ----> Act
Observe ---->  Orient ---->  Decide ----> Act
Observe ---->  Orient ---->  Decide ----> Act
Take outcomes into your hands.  Don't be a victim.  Teach yourself survival skills.  Practice the OODA loop.
Please email to dave (at) if you have any questions, suggestions, or observations about the OODA Loop.  

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