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Don't buy our products if...

Posted by David Happe on

Is your personal alarm in your purse?  Is your pepper spray in your backpack?

It's not going to do you any good.  If you don't keep it accessible, don't buy it.

I talked with a Mom this week whose 20'something daughter lives in the middle of NYC.  She has pepper spray... in her purse.  Great.  As long as the guy planning the assault is agreeable to wait for you while you get it out, that should be helpful to you.  

Vigilant's alarm sales in NYC are up several hundred percent over last year in the wake of a recent murder of a jogger in the queens a few months back.  She was on her 5PM run in NYC during daylight.  In a flash, her life was ended by some asshole murderous slimebag.  Be prepared as life can change in an instant.   

It won't help you if your planned defense is in your purse.  Don't buy our products if you're not going to have them immediately accessible.  Your Vigilant alarm or Mace can only do it's job if you can activate it in the heat of the split second you have to save yourself.  

Think about it.  You're walking down a NYC street, heading home.  Suddenly a guy steps out from behind the shadows.  He's 10 feet from you, and you're on a direct collision path.  The hair on the back of your neck stands up, and panic sets in.

What are you going to do, ask for a time out?  

"I know it's here somewhere.  Let's see.  Lip gloss.  Gum.  Bus pass.  Wallet.  Keys...."

Get in the habit of raising your vigilance.  Have Mace?  Great.  It better be accessible.  Have a personal alarm?  Great.  Nobody can hear it in the pocket of your purse.

Are you a runner?  Check out the Vigilant Wrist Alarm.  Immediate activation.

Out for a night stroll through campus?  The Vigilant Clip alarm clips onto your jeans, and all you have to do is grab it and the patent pending trigger alarm goes off.

Another good alternative is one of the Vigilant alarms that features a tearaway neck lanyard, like the PPS-23BL or PPS-20BL.  

Seriously, have a plan for your security.  Having pepper spray in your purse isn't a plan. You don't get time-outs to try and find it when you need it most.  Carry it in hand, wear it on your wrist, or use one of our neck lanyard models.  Don't have a false sense of security.  Have real security.    

Safety doesn't happen by accident.™

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