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Vigilant PPS-HC1 Help Cord™ Emergency Wall Alarm with 140dB Panic Alarm and Flashing LED Light

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The Help Cord™ (model PPS-HC1) is a free standing emergency/panic alarm system, ideal for the elderly, home use, retail shops, public spaces, offices, banks and anywhere the need to summon local emergency help or attention may be required. One touch of the PANIC button or one pull of the Help Cord™ triggers an attention getting 140dB panic alarm. Please note that the Help Cord™ does NOT dial emergency services.


  • With its very loud 140 dB alarm, it will be hard not for anyone to notice you need immediate help!
  • Easily accessible, big "Panic" button - making it easy to use even for elderly or the visually impaired
  • Includes an easy to grab Rip Cord activation string - if you are unable to reach the button
  • Quick and simple, 2 minute installation
  • Can be mounted on any wall or even under table/counter surfaces using the included Wall mount bracket
  • The Help Cord unit is easy to locate even in a dark room or through smoke, thanks to the built-in, flashing locator light
  • The unit includes preloaded, user replaceable AAA demo batteries



Designed for 2 minute installation, the Help Cord™ comes with a wall mounting cradle bracket that includes a 3M adhesive patch and two drywall screws. It can be installed on nearly any wall or flat surface in minutes, and the alarm can be moved easily from room to room (multiple brackets sold separately at Please see the installation diagrams below for visual installation instructions. The Help Cord™ does not have to be installed with a level to be functional.


The Help Cord™ comes preloaded with a starter set of 3xAAA batteries. For optimal use, you may want to immediately replace these batteries with 3 long life heavier duty AAA batteries.

The red light on the front of the unit provides constant illumination for easy emergency alarm location of the Help Cord™ at night.

When you pull the rip cord, or press the PANIC button, the Help Cord™ screams with it’s powerful 140dB siren while simultaneously activating the red flashing LED light. The siren will remain active until the method of activation is reversed (if you pulled the rip cord… replace the pin. If you pressed the PANIC button, press it again).

Changing the Batteries

The Help Cord™ is operated by 3 x AAA batteries. To change the batteries, take the unit out from the wall mounting cradle bracket, and unscrew the battery cover on the back of the unit. Take note of the direction the batteries are in (called the polarity), and then remove the old batteries and discard. Replace with 3 x AAA batteries, and ensure batteries are in correct polarity.

The alarm will operate continuously on a single set of batteries for up to one hour. Replace the batteries after the alarm has been activated to keep the unit at it’s optimal operating condition. We also recommend you replace the batteries annually regardless of system use to make sure the batteries remain fresh and the unit remains operational. Test the alarm briefly after changing the batteries to ensure the battery installation was successful.


The Help Cord™ is available exclusively from Vigilant Personal Protection Systems.

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