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Vigilant PPS-PA21 130dB The Original Door Stop Alarm™ with Battery Included

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The PPS-PA21 is The Original Door Stop Alarm™ by Vigilant Personal Protection Systems. It is a door stop with a twist - it emits a 130dB alarm alerting both the room's occupant and the assailant of an attempted unauthorized entry. Simply insert the provided 9-volt battery into the unit, turn it on, and slide the wedge under the door near the opening. The anti-slip rubber grip traction pad will keep the wedge in place, preventing the door from opening. The high sensitivity metal contact plate will trigger the 130dB alarm.

These types of devices have been around for a long time, as has Vigilant. The Original Door Stop Alarm™ solves problems that most knockoff units have:

  • The PPS-PA21 doesn't shut off when the door is closed - the alarm sounds until you physically de-activate it. Burglars have no idea what the alarm is, and what it is connected to. All they know is that they triggered it, and that they can't stop it.
  • The unit is 130dB, which is twice as loud as a unit rated at 120dB. You'll hear this unit on the other side of the door, on the other side of the room, and on the other side of the house.
  • We added a high sensitivity metal plate, and changed the way that the unit is triggered to ensure that when someone attempts to open the door, the alarm is triggered quickly.
  • We've included a demo battery so that you can use the unit right out of the box. This was particularly important feedback from those who wanted to send the unit as a gift to a college student, a new homeowner, or even just to use it themselves at home. Battery IS INCLUDED with the PPS-PA21.
  • We put an anti-slip rubber grip traction pad on the bottom so that the unit works on all types of flooring including tile, wood, and vinyl
  • and, we moved the On/Off switch to a recessed groove in the bottom vs. putting it on the heel of the unit - so that you don't kick the On/Off switch when you are trying to kick the unit into place under the door
This unit is meets FAA carry on restrictions, so you can take it along in your carry on bag. The PPS-PA21 is ideal for use anywhere you need a door secured, from dorms to apartments, home use or even as a travel security device for hotel rooms.



Vigilant PPS-PA21 User Instruction Manual
Vigilant PPS-PA21 Detailed Battery Installation Diagram with Step by Step Instructions

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