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Vigilant "Companion" LED Flashlight With Personal Alarm (PPS-LED002), Batteries Included

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The Vigilant "Companion" PPS-LED002 is an LED Flashlight With Personal Alarm. The Companion was designed for use as a constant companion. Take it along for late night walks in the neighborhood, early morning jogs as the sun is rising, or keep it on your nightstand as an emergency tool. It's a great carrying size and weight, with a natural palm grip. The personal alarm screams from the SOS speaker port.

  • 120dB Personal Alarm is activated by the "buzzer" switch on the left
  • LED flashlight is activated by the "light" switch on the right
  • Three LED light bulbs cast a wide beam of light to illuminate a dark path or room
  • Extremely long life. White LED bulbs last up to 30,000 hours
  • The Vigilant Companion uses regular AAA batteries (included and user replacable)
  • Included carabiner belt/bag clip

Personal alarms are one of the fastest growing segments at retail in the self defense industry, because an attacker's worst enemy is attention. Personal alarms are legal to carry in all 50 states (even on airplanes!) and are a very safe method of self defense. They require no training or skill to operate, and can be used by anyone regardless of age or physical ability. Victims are often too traumatized to shout for help in unfamiliar and dangerous situations, increasing their vulnerability. Criminals do not like to draw attention, and will likely run off when they realize the alarm cannot be stopped.

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