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Vigilant Personal Alarm With Bag Clip & Rip Cord 2-Pack Value Bundle (Blue)

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Vigilant Personal Protection Systems, the No. 1 brand in personal alarms, has created the perfect customer-suggested self defense personal alarm for use with key chains, backpacks, and purses. The PPS-42 is the smallest alarm from Vigilant, while delivering the loudest 135dB sound below hearing damage in the United States. 

The PPS-42 was engineered based on Vigilant customer reviews. We kept the rip cord activation that made Vigilant alarms successful, but added a separate key chain bag clip to make it easier to carry without the risk of accidental activation. Customers told us to make it lighter and louder, and the PPS-42 is the lightest and loudest alarm we made. Customers told us to add more colors, so we made it in blue, yellow, black and white. Customers also told us to make it small, so we put the entire powerhouse into one of the smallest alarms ever introduced in the United States. 

✔ LOUDEST:  135dB Personal Alarm. Just below the OSHA cited threshold of pain 
✔ RIP CORD ACTIVATION: Help Cord™ grenade pin style activator. Simply pull the rip cord to activate the alarm. Replace the grenade pin to silence the alarm.
✔ INTENTIONAL: Designed to eliminate accidental activation that plagues most cheaper alarm designs
✔ EVERY DAY CARRY (EDC): Easy to take anywhere, any time with the included key chain and backpack clip.
✔ POWERED: Pre-loaded with user replaceable LR44 alkaline (button type) batteries. (included)  
✔ VIGILANT WARRANTY: Vigilant alarms come with a full ONE YEAR WARRANTY. 

The PPS-42 is designed to handle the rugged demands of being carried every day by busy people with an unintended need for self defense. It's small enough to forget it is there (weighs less than one ounce), but loud enough at 135dB to trigger an emergency response if you ever need to use it. Put it on a key ring or clip it to the outside of a backpack. It is small, lightweight and ready to deploy with one pull of the rip cord. It is designed to eliminate accidental activation, because the rip cord is separate from the key chain. Pulling the Help Cord™ activates the alarm, and the only way to silence the alarm again is by replacing the grenade style pin.

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