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Vigilant Personal Alarm Keychain With Backup Whistle, Key Ring, & Bag Clip (PPS-23PK)

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The Vigilant PPS-23 has quickly become one of the best selling alarms in the United States.  This one uses button activation (instead of a pin) and includes a key chain with a purse/keychain clip.  It's the preferred model by Vigilant customers for attaching to their car keys, clipping to a purse, or attaching to a college student's backpack.  

This listing is for the pink version.  This item is also available in black and red.  

The PPS23K is a dual function emergency attack alarm. It features a 130 dB alarm, which is one of the loudest personal alarms sold by Vigilant. It is also the only alarm sold by Vigilant to include a backup feature - it has a security screamer whistle built into the end of the alarm that serves as an emergency backup alert mechanism in the event of battery failure.

The alarm is activated by depressing the button on the front of the alarm, but a different button on the back of the unit is the only way to deactivate and silence the alarm. In situations where seconds make a difference between life and death - the ease of activation combined with the "hidden" off button make this alarm an easy to use, and hard to defeat personal alarm.

✔ LOUDER: 130dB attack alarm with push button activation and concealed OFF button
✔ PURSE / BAG / KEY RING CLIP: Key ring with purse / bag / backpack clip - the ultimate personal protection alarm to carry on your purse or backpack. It is the #1 Vigilant alarm for attaching to your keys.
✔ BACK-UP WHISTLE : Backup emergency manual whistle built-in for emergency use in case of battery failure
✔ HEAVY DUTY BATTERIES: Preloaded with heavy duty alkaline (LR44) watch batteries, user replaceable and 365 day standby time. You can find replacement batteries at any drugstore.
✔ VIGILANT WARRANTY: Vigilant alarms come with a full 1 YEAR WARRANTY. We're a Florida, USA based company with employees and product manufacturing in America and China. All Vigilant pepper spray is manufactured in the United States. Our alarms are designed in the United States and manufactured in China.

    The following video describes the alarm and demonstrates how to use it:
    Curious as to how durable this alarm is? So were we. Check out our drop testing video:

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