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Alarm User Instructions


Thank you for your purchase of an alarm from Vigilant Personal Protection Systems! All of our alarms are set up essentially the same.

  • The batteries come pre-installed.
  • Depending on what model you purchased, there may be a plastic battery tab on the back of the unit. If there is, simply pull out the clear plastic tab and discard it.
  • To activate the alarm, pull the pin that is attached either to the keyring or the wrist strap.  Some models have push button activation (PPS-23 Series) instead of a rip cord.
  • To silence the alarm, replace the pin (PPS series uses an OFF button)
  • We recommend that you test the alarm on receipt to get familiar with the sound. Give the alarm a quick test, but be prepared to immediately replace the pin. If you want to muffle the sound for your test, place the unit face down in your palm so that the speaker port (looks like a big button on the front, but it’s actually where the sound escapes from the unit) is muffled by your hand.

Remember to replace the batteries annually. To replace the batteries, simply remove the screw or screws from the back bottom of the unit and that will expose the battery compartment.

Several videos are available on YouTube that demonstrate Vigilant alarms.