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2-Pack Mace Pepper Spray Relief "TakeDown" Decontamination 1.6 Spray, All Natural Eye Wash (Small Portable/Belt Size, Model 3050x2)

  • 1999

Relieve the crippling burn of pepper spray with the TakeDown Relief Decontamination Spray from Mace. Featuring a unique blend of herbal extracts, the relief spray is designed to drastically speed up the decontamination time needed to recover from a fresh coating of liquid mace. Mace's specialized formula cuts through the capsaicinoids that cause the devastating burning sensation that comes with pepper sprays. By offering speedier recovery times, officers can more quickly acquire information from contaminated suspects as well as provide immediate relief to unintended targets. 

  • Drastically speeds up recovery time
  • Herbal, all natural extract formula cuts through capsaicinoids
  • Mist spray offers maximum controlled coverage

This special 2-pack of Mace "TakeDown" Decontamination Spray is portable sized for law enforcement or consumers.  Each bottle is single use and will treat one exposure.  Bottle will remain pressurized until contents are depleted.  This is the small size... there is also a large commercial multi-use size available for police cruisers or correctional institutions. 

The pepper spray relief spray from Mace is specifically formulated to speed the recovery time from a pepper spray take down.  It's a water based product enhanced with a natural herb extract.  Spray mist onto effected areas of the skin to drastically reduce decontamination time from direct exposure to pepper spray.

Many law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions keep Mace "TakeDown" Decontamination Spray on hand to ease the recovery for anyone exposed to pepper spray. Officers required to endure pepper spray as part of their training can gain soothing from the "TakeDown" eye wash.  We also recommend officers carry the small or large version to assist suspects gain quicker recovery from police strength pepper spray.  Size appropriate belt holsters are available separately.  

Directions for use :  Shake well before using.  Hold the unit upright and 12" away from the subject's eyes.  Spray mist liberally to all contaminated areas as soon as possible after exposure to pepper spray.  After 5 to 10 seconds, blot the affected area with a clean cloth or paper towel.  DO NOT RUB.  Repeat steps as necessary until relief is effected, flushing contaminated area also with cold water to aid recovery.

Active ingredient is an herbal extract.  Do not expose to temperatures above 120 degrees F or below 32 degrees F.  Contents under pressure.  Keep out of reach of children.  DOT-20-M5755.  Multi-year shelf life, and expiration date is on each canister.    

Fpr use by law enforcement agencies with special pricing available for full case pack orders for qualified law enforcement, military, schools and other government agencies.    

Vigilant Personal Protection Systems is a nationally authorized dealer for Mace® brand personal defense products. Mace® is a registered trademark of Mace Security International. Vigilant Personal Protection Systems is a trademark of Robinhood Digital LLC.

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