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Active Lifestyle Safety Kit: Featuring Wrist Alarm And Mace Alert 911

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The Active Lifestyle Safety Kit is the perfect combination of personal protection devices.

The PPS-35BRS Wrist alarm comes with two adjustable straps. One designed for small wrists and one for large wrists. It is a lightweight personal alarm that looks like a watch. With the push of a button you can signal the 125dB panic alarm as well as the flashing LED lights. This is an ideal alarm for hikers, runners, cyclists, or active seniors. You can signal for immediate assistance if injured or in danger. 

The Mace Alert 911 is a direct connection to a 911 dispatch officer with the push of a button. There are no subscriptions or monthly service fees. The Mace Alert 911 works anywhere in the USA and gets its signal from cellular towers. The Mace Alert 911 easily fits in a pocket or bag. Due to its lightweight design it can be comfortably worn around the neck or around one's waist. 


✔ 125dB HANDS FREE ALARM : The alarm features one touch activation making it easy to activate an emergency. Loud enough to summon help in an emergency, but designed to be worn without damaging your hearing.

✔ RUGGEDIZED FACE WITH LED LIGHTS : This alarm features a shock resistant, ruggedized face that will hold up to years of use. It also features twin LED emergency flasher lights to make the Wrist Alarm visible in night conditions.

✔ SWEAT & SMELL PROOF: The Vigilant Wrist Alarm uses a water resistant nylon wrist band that doesn't absorb sweat, smell or water. It comes with a small and large wrist band to fit Women, Men and Kids.

✔ REPLACEABLE BATTERIES: The alarm comes with replaceable batteries. This allows you to enjoy it year after year with up to a year of standby or 30 minutes of alarm time on a set of batteries. It takes 3 LR44 batteries available at most major stores.


With Mace® Alert 911, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is available in any emergency situation. With just a touch of a button, you will be connected to a local 911 Emergency Dispatcher that can send you police, fire, ambulance, or first responders.  No monthly fees - this service is provided free of charge by your local 911.  You will be instantly connected with two-way communication so you can talk with the 911 dispatcher and have them send help to you when you need it most.

✔ One-Touch direct connection to 911
✔ In the event of an emergency, be one push away from assistance.
✔ No monthly fee - This is a FREE service provided by your local 911.  No hidden costs.
✔ Use anywhere in USA where there are cell towers
✔ Free to use... you don't need a cell phone for the Mace® Alert 911 and no subcription
✔ Neck lanyard and belt clip included 
✔ Batteries are included, preloaded, and user replaceable 

    Emergencies happen. Be prepared 24/7 with the Mace® Alert 911 at your side.

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