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Mace® Brand Bear Attack Survival Kit With Mace Bear Defense Spray, Matching Carry Holster and Mace Tactical Take Down Relief Spray

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If it isn't manufactured by Mace® Brand, it isn't Mace®. Look for the Mace® Brand seal so you know you're not buying an imitation.

Mace® Brand, the global leader in personal defense, has created the ultimate bundle package to keep you safe in Bear Country. Mace® Brand's #1 best selling Bear Defense Spray is paired in a specially priced bundle pack with a can of Mace® Brand Take Down Relief Decontamination Spray. Mace® Brand uses the strongest formula animal deterrent spray approved by the EPA.  We've also included a holster so you can keep your Mace® Brand Bear Spray on your belt and carry it hands-free.  This special value package is available for a limited time directly from Mace® Brand.

When faced with an emergency in the wilderness or even in your own back yard, make sure you're ready to defend yourself. Mace® Brand Bear Pepper Spray is a safe, humane and effective way to protect yourself from possible bear attacks while hiking fishing, camping, and biking. The powerful magnum fogger delivers an extreme blast cloud that reaches up to 35 feet! The huge canister (over 9 ounces) empties in six seconds when seconds might make the difference.  

One challenge to consider is how to prepare for any environmental factors, and how weather might play a role in your self defense. We've included the Mace® Brand relief spray that has been proven to effectively cut your own recovery time should any of the pepper spray accidentally blow back towards you in adverse conditions. Relieve the crippling burn of pepper spray with the TakeDown Relief Decontamination Spray from Mace Tactical. Featuring a unique blend of herbal extracts, the relief spray is designed to drastically speed up the decontamination time needed to recover from pepper spray. Mace® Brand's specialized formula cuts through the capsaicinoids that cause the devastating burning sensation that comes with pepper sprays. 

Also included is a lightweight bear pepper Mace® Brand spray holster.   Its the perfect way to secure and carry your Bear Pepper Mace Spray, whether it's for a quick walk in the back woodlot or trail, camping trip or a hike in known bear territories. Made of durable nylon, it fits most belts and features a long cover flap and double wide velcro area.

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