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(5 Canisters) Mace® Brand Police Strength Less-Than-Lethal Pepper Gel Spray Defense Kit for Professional, Commercial, Industrial and School Applications (Mace 80929 Kit) with Invisible UV Identifying Dye

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If it isn't manufactured by Mace® Brand, it isn't Mace®. Look for the Mace® Brand seal so you know you're not buying an imitation.

Mace® Brand, the global leader in personal protection, has been asked to create a less-than-lethal solution that can keep people safe in a variety of circumstances.  In response and for a limited time, Mace® Brand is offering a special value bundle package on what Mace® Brand recommends for the ultimate product pairing to protect your home, a classroom, or for mobile self-defense. In this special package, you will receive 2 of the Mace® pepper gel large defense canisters, each with enough pepper gel to stop multiple assailants in their tracks from up to 25 feet away.  Keep one for the house and put a second can in the car, or give one to a school.

The latest in pepper spray technology - Mace® Brand Pepper Gel is proprietary formulation of maximum strength OC pepper (1.4% capsaicinoids.) The OC pepper is suspended in a sticky gel instead of a liquid. The gel formulation has several advantages: it sprays farther, is less contaminating to the surrounding area and the thick formulation sticks to an attacker’s face. Pepper Gel also contains an invisible UV Dye which marks an assailant and may aid in identification. The Mace Pepper Gel Home defense contains almost 12 fluid ounces (330 grams) and empties it's payload in 6 seconds, with an effective range of up to 25 feet. This model features a pistol grip handle with safety pin that prevents accidental discharge.

In addition, you will get 2 of the smaller Mace® Brand Pepper Gel cans using the same formula, but in a portable / personal carry size.  The portable Night Defender has an 18 foot payload range, and also includes an LED light that operates like a night vision aiming sight for directional accuracy.  

We've also included a bottle of Mace® Brand Pepper Spray Antidote Relief "TakeDown" Decontamination Spray, the all natural eye wash for law enforcement and consumers.  Relieve the crippling burn of pepper spray with the TakeDown Relief Decontamination Spray from Mace® Brand. Featuring a unique blend of herbal extracts, the relief spray is designed to drastically speed up the decontamination time needed to recover from a fresh coating of liquid mace. Mace's specialized formula cuts through the capsaicinoids that cause the devastating burning sensation that comes with pepper sprays. The large canister is included with this bundle, and a smaller pocket sized version is also available but sold separately.  


SHIPPING RESTRICTED STATES: AK, AR, CA, FL,HI, MA, NC, NJ, NY, WI. This product can only be shipped to authorized states via USPS ground. If you live in any of the states above, your state laws prohibit us from shipping you this large size pepper spray.  

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