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Mace® Brand Compact Stun Gun (Pink)

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If it isn't manufactured by Mace® Brand, it isn't Mace®. Look for the Mace® Brand seal so you know you're not buying an imitation.

The Mace® Brand Compact Stun Gun is a stun gun and flashlight all in one. The stun gun feature emits 0.8 microcoulombs of power while the flashlight feature emits light at 300 lumens.

The Compact Stun Gun has a switch near the battery port that allows you to switch the stun gun mode on and off and a separate button to activate the current. The Compact Stun Gun is also equipped with a clip that allows you to conveniently attach it to a belt, coat, bag, or purse. The Mace® Brand Compact Stun Gun flashlight feature can emit light at a setting of high, low, or strobe. The device is rechargeable and a 21 inch power cord is included in every purchase.  

A 2011 National Institute of Justice Special Report reported that “Subjects reported pain on average at 0.5 micro-coulombs, and intolerable pain at 1.0 microcoulombs (μC).” Mace® Brand stun guns have been tested for performance by Rassettica  Testing Limited. Rassettica Testing Limited is an independent Conducted Energy Weapon(CEW) testing company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

The Mace® Brand mission statement is "Empowering your world through safety and security". At Mace® Brand, we deliver the best in safety and security products and services. Through innovative products, support programs and personal customer service, we are recognized as the #1 global consumer brand in safety and security.

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