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Mace® Brand Empower Protection Pack

  • 1999

If it isn't manufactured by Mace® Brand, it isn't Mace®. Look for the Mace® Brand seal so you know you're not buying an imitation.

The Mace® Brand Empower Protection Pack features the Mace® Brand Personal Alarm Heart and the Mace® Brand Keygaurd Pepper Spray. The combination of sound and spay is a great way EMPOWER yourself against any attacker.

Mace® Brand KeyGuard Hard Case models are tough and feature a flip top safety cap that prevents accidental activation with a thumb button actuator. Defend yourself in a threatening situation with the effective power of Mace® Brand Maximum Strength Formula… 10% OC Pepper with invisible UV marking dye that can help police identify your attacker. Just spray and get away! This model will shoot a burst of pepper spray in a stream, up to 10 blasts of pepper spray for a total range of up to 10 feet.

The Mace® Brand Personal Alarm Heart features an alarm that is heard at 120dB. That is the equivalent of a police siren! The Personal Alarm Heart has an attached key chain so you can carry it with you at all times. Simply pull the grenade-style pin (attached to the key chain), and this ear-piercing alarm will activate for up to a half hour of continuous sound. Activating the alarm switches the element of surprise from the attacker to the potential victim. Replacing the pin is the only way to silence the alarm. The alarm is equipped with three LR44 batteries and ready for use after the battery tab has been pulled. There is also a test button on the back of the alarm for you to ensure your alarm has battery life.

The Mace® Brand Mission: Empowering your world through safety & security. We deliver the best in safety and security products and services. Through innovative products, support programs and personal customer service, we are the #1 globally recognized consumer brand in safety and security. Our new product line Empower is a part of our continued effort to end domestic violence. We want you to help Mace® Brand be a part of the solution. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS-WE WANT TO END THE PROBLEM NOW!

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