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Mace Brand 130dB Personal Alarm Home and Go Special Value Kit (With Wrist Strap, DoorSecure Accessory, and Heavy Duty 9-Volt Battery) Mace

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For the first time ever, Vigilant has added a non-Vigilant alarm to the Vigilant Professional Series.  This special value kit from our sister company Mace meets all of the criteria to be included in our top-of-the-line product assortment, and this special package is available only from Vigilant.

What you get in the special value package :

  • Mace 130dB Personal Alarm
  • Heavy Duty 9-Volt Battery
  • Wrist Strap
  • DoorSecure door protection adapter accessory
  • Miniature Philips precision screwdriver (for battery installation)

Personal Alarm : Removing the pin from the top of the unit activates a 130dB blast and flashing strobe light.  The only way to silence the alarm is by replacing the pin.  Use the built-in belt clip to attach it to your belt, a backpack, or clip it securely inside a purse pocket.  The best strategy in an emergency is to activate it, toss it like a grenade, and evade the assailant.

Home/Travel Door/Window Alarm:  We've included a DoorSecure door protection adapter accessory that works with all doors and most windows.  Replace the wrist strap pin with the DoorSecure accessory, and the other end wedges into the door crack.  When the door is opened, the DoorSecure jaws open, and activates the alarm and strobe light.   

Flashlight :  Press and hold the side button to turn on and hold on the flashlight

Power :  We've included an extra heavy duty 9-Volt battery that will last for over a year on standby, and is strong enough to power the flashlight for regular use.  When the flashlight dims, the battery is user replaceable with any 9-Volt Duracell or Energizer battery.  

This Mace Professional Series alarm is an excellent choice for college students as the unit can be used as a personal alarm, to secure a dorm room or apartment.  It is also great for traveling as a hotel room alarm, or home or office to protect doors (or windows.) 

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