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If it isn't manufactured by Mace® Brand, it isn't Mace®. Look for the Mace® Brand seal so you know you're not buying an imitation.

Install the Mace Wireless Home Security System to protect your property against the ever growing number of burglaries.

The Mace Wireless Door/Window Sensor detects vibration or the opening of a door or window, which will send a signal to the control unit, triggering the alarm and autodialer.

  • activates alarm when triggered by the door or window opening
  • slim design with retractable attenna
  • wireless transmission up to 300 feet
  • battery operated (included)

The Mace Slimline Wireless/Door Window Sensor is ideal for expanding the power and protection of the Mace Wireless Home Security system, by installing one near every door and window in your home that you wish to protect.


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