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Vigilant 120dB Pressure Sensitive Floor Mat Alarm 20" x 30" Slip Resistant Caregiver Alert (PPS-PA7Floor)

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The Vigilant PPS-PA7Floor is a multi-use caregiver alert alarm.

The PPS-PA7Floor is a pressure-sensitive alert alarm. It was designed as a bedside mat with hospital quality for home use™. The PPS-PA7Floor has variable volume and tones ranging from subtle music to a shrill 120dB alarm depending on the level of alert desired by the caregiver. The safety of dementia patients is a concern shared by many people who are taking care of elderly parents. One step onto the mat alerts the caregiver to attend to a wandering patient. The alarm can also serve to alert parents if children get out of bed - perfect for sleepwalkers and mischievious children.


  • 120dB Pressure Sensitive Floor Mat Alarm
  • 20" x 30" floor pad
  • In-room 120dB quick-connect wired alarm with included cable
  • Hospital quality for home use™
  • Slip resistant landing mat works with all floor surface types
  • Spring-loaded universal mounting clip alarm, and quick disconnect wall mount bracket included
  • With alarm / off / music options and volume high / low options
  • One touch alarm reset
  • Works on one 9-volt battery (test battery included)

Additional information :

Falls among nursing home residents occur frequently and repeatedly. About 1,800 older adults living in nursing homes die each year from fall-related injuries and those who survive falls frequently sustain hip fractures and head injuries that result in permanent disability and reduced quality of life.

For more information on this study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, visit here :

The following videos showcase one application of the PPS-PA7Floor: ensuring a child's safety. Both "music mode" and "alarm mode" can be viewed below.



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