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Vigilant 3-in-1 Portable Fishing Light Kit (Bait Light, Blue LED Flood Light, and White LED Spotlight Flashlight) with Table Stand, Tripod Stand and Carry Bag (PPS-GYF1)

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Vigilant 3-in-1 Portable Fishing Light (Bait Light, Blue LED Surface Flood Light, and White LED Spot/Flashlight) with Table Stand, Tripod Stand (PPS-GYF1)

Exclusively from Vigilant, the "GoRead" Fishing Light is a fisherman's new secret weapon. For the fisherman who has everything, we guarantee you he/she has nothing like this. The Vigilant Fishing Light is a double ended, multifunction rechargeable light kit that will take any fisherman's night to the next level. A flip of the switch activates a small white LED glow, perfect for baiting a hook. Project the blue end bigger, and you now have a soft blue arc capable of illuminating the surface of the water for up to 75 feet across. You can watch your lines and bobbers without disrupting the natural darkness of what lies beneath in the glow of your Vigilant blue LED light which replicates the natural moonlight as it hits the water. The flip side is a super bright white LED flashlight you can use as a spotlight when you reel in your trophy catch.

For years, it has been thought that trophy fish have less sensitivity to blue light. Whether or not that is an old fish tale, the Vigilant Fishing Light casts a wide blue glow vs. a beam, so that it's monochromatic blue light is disbursed with low intensity for minimal depth penetration of light. The result is an illuminated water surface with minimal to no disruption of the natural night light patterns below the water. Zooplankton are be attracted to the blue glow, which in turn might attract bait fish to draw your predator fish closer to the boat. Some sportfish will gather below the light, allowing the angler to drop a bait line or lure into the target zone. The Vigilant Fishing Light is used for both fresh and salt water night illumination.

The complete kit also includes a chair height (2 foot tall) tripod for hands free operation on a dock, pier or boat deck. We've also included a protective carrying bag for the fishing light, so you can put it in your tackle box, and a second carrying bag for the tripod. The rechargeable battery is built in --- all you need to supply is the fish.

  • 5W blue LED flood light with white bait light
  • 5W white LED spotlight
  • Max Output brightness : 400 lumens
  • LED life span: 50,000 hours
  • IP Rate: IP65 (hurricane rated)
  • Waterproof, but not designed for underwater use
  • Material: High quality 6061T Aluminum
  • Switch: Press middle-cap on/off
  • Battery : 3X18650 (built in 6000maH rechargeable battery)
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Product Size : 6.6 inches tall x 2.3 inches wide
  • Product Weight : 2 1/2 lbs with battery (not including tripod)

Includes : Mobile stand/carry bracket, tripod stand with travel bag, AC adapter, built-in rechargable battery, and fishing light with second protective carry bag.

Packaging is plain, brown shipping carton.

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