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Vigilant Bed Wetting Urine Alarm Sensor Pad Mat Kit For Nocturnal Enuresis (Extra Large 16.5" x 21" pad - Model PPS-PA21F)

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The PPS-PA21F is a bed liquid nocturnal enuresis sensor pad with included alarm. The pad size is 16.5" x 21" (our extra large size) and works on any bed, for any size person. The alarm sounds immediately when liquid is detected on the sensor pad, alerting caregiver to attend to the patient.

Dual Function Urine Detection Alarm

This premium alarm gives caregivers the option of either a music alert or loud alarm when the sensor detects even a hint of urine moisture or wetness.

To use, simply place the extra large 16.5" x 21" pad under the first sheet of any bed at roughly waist-level of where the patient would be if they were lying down. Placement doesn't require an exact science because liquid spreads, and one single drop of wetness can trigger the alarm.

The pad is connected to an included alarm and mounting clip to allow for a variety of bedside mounting possibilities to fit your unique situation.

Patient Dignity is a Top Priority

This alarm alerts caregivers the moment accidents happen, allowing for instant response to minimize patient contact time with the urine. No longer do patients have to embrassingly alert staff themselves or worse - ignore it completely until noticed.

Reusable, Easy to Clean and Maintain

Simply remove from the bed, use a disinfectant wipe to rub down the entire pad, and let dry. Once dry, the alarm has a 1-touch auto-reset button to return to it's original state.

When the built-in LED display warns of a low battery, simply replace with a standard 9-Volt battery. To get the most out of each battery, we recommend a heavy-duty, long-life style battery.


  • Bed liquid sensor pad alarm, medical alarm
  • Compatible with all beds, slips under the mattress pad
  • Designed for senior citizens or others with Enuresis control issues
  • With alarm / off / music options
  • With volume hi / low options
  • With a LED light which flashes
  • With auto-reset button
  • Works on one 9-volt battery (demo battery included)
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Extra large sensor pad size: 16.5 x 21 inches

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