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Vigilant Night Vision Personal Alarm™ with 135dB Peak Volume, Rip Cord Activation, and Red LED Flashlight (PPS-13BL)

  • 1999

The PPS-13BL was selected to be included in the Professional Series of alarms from Vigilant.  This Night Vision Personal Alarm™ includes a red LED light for immediate vicinity illumination.  The PPS-13BL is one of the loudest alarms ever manufactured by Vigilant at 135dB peak volume with a breakthrough high resonant circular design.  It uses Vigilant's Help Cord™ activation, including a rip cord with grenade style pin for easy and decisive activation in any emergency.  The palm-sized PPS-13BL also features a wrist / tether strap with an included bag clip, making it the ideal alarm to wear on a uniform, attach to a backpack, or hand carry.  Batteries are also included, pre-loaded, and user replaceable.  

Night Vision Personal Alarm™ Flashlight:  Red LED lights are good for night illumination without altering your eye's natural dark vision adaption. Use the red LED press-and-hold button for immediate vicinity illumination without losing your natural "night vision."  When you turn off the red illumination your eyes don't have to adjust back to the darkness. Night Vision Personal Alarm™ is a trademark of Robinhood Digital, LLC.

135dB Alarm :  135dB Peak volume at source (< 1 inch), 130dB RMS volume at distance of 3m.  This is one of the loudest personal alarms ever manufactured by Vigilant for sale in the United States.  The sustained volume level of 130dB at a distance of 3 meters (6 feet) is comparable to standing on a sidewalk as an ambulance passes by.  

Rip Cord Activation :  This alarm uses the Vigilant Help Cord™ grenade pin style activator.  Simply pull the rip cord to activate the alarm.  The only way to silence it is by replacing the grenade-style pin.  Criminals do not like to draw attention, and will likely run off when they realize the alarm cannot be easily stopped.

Batteries :  Pre-loaded and user replaceable LR44 alkaline (button type) batteries are included.  This alarm draws extra power from three LR44 batteries (most alarms have two).  Pull and discard the plastic battery tab to place the alarm on standby.     

About the Circular Resonant Design :  Vigilant's engineers have created a better, higher performance acoustic design.  Sound waves travel outward from a speaker.  The PPS-13BL is circular (like a speaker) so that the sound can build volume and crescendo from the speaker on the front of the device. Similar to an ambulance siren that projects the sound forcefully, the new design saturates the area in front of the PPS-13BL circular speaker with piercing resonating sound.  

In physics, resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies. Frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum are known as the system's resonant frequencies or resonance frequencies.  The PPS-13BL is built to extract the maximum resonance of the alarm at a frequency perfectly tuned to create what your ear will hear as the loudest alarm noise possible from it's palm sized case.  The design of the PPS-13BL produces more resonance (prolongation of sound) than a typical alarm.  The result is exactly what you want it to be - a cringe-worthy, painfully loud emergency alarm.  

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