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Vigilant Trip Wire Night Vision Personal Alarm™ Kit with 130dB Alarm, 100m Tripwire Spool, Batteries, Cutter, Screwdriver and Red LED Micro Light (PPS-Trip17Kit)

  • 1999

The PPS-17Trip is a special version Vigilant alarm designed as a trip wire perimeter protection alarm.  It is extremely light weight, extremely loud, and grenade pin activated. The conventional use of a trip wire alarm consists of a wire stretched across a path. Once someone or something trips over the wire it triggers an alarm that alerts you of a movement of your trip wire. Whether it is to secure the perimeter of your campsite or any other location, the trip wire alarm is designed to protect you from intruders.
Kit includes :
  • 130dB trip wire alarm (Oxford Tan color)
  • Batteries included, preloaded and user replaceable (LR44)
  • Micro Philips screwdriver for changing batteries in the field
  • 100 meters of 4 strand trip wire, olivine green
  • Green trip wire line cutter
  • Night Vision Personal Alarm™ red LED press and hold micro flashlight
Alarm : The PPS-17Trip features a Vigilant 130dB grenade style pin activated trip wire alarm. To turn on the alarm manually, pull the grenade style pin from the bottom of the alarm. Be prepared to replace the pin to silence the alarm again.  The alarm itself weighs under an ounce preloaded with the batteries, making it light enough to be suspended mid-air by your trip wire.
Light: Your trip wire alarm has a button on the front that activates the built-in micro sized Night Vision Personal Alarm™ red LED light, making your trip wire alarm an excellent accessory for a key ring, tool box, ammo box or tackle box. You can also test the batteries simply by checking the light. Red LED lights are good for night illumination without altering your eye's natural dark vision adaption. Use the red for area illumination, without losing your natural "night vision" and when you turn off the red illumination, your eyes don't have to adjust back to the darkness. Night Vision Personal Alarm™ is a trademark of Robinhood Digital, LLC.
Batteries : Vigilant trip wire alarms all come pre-loaded with user replaceable batteries. Your alarm includes the first set of batteries, which are pre-installed. Pull the plastic battery tab and discard it to activate the batteries. To change the batteries, you can unscrew the back side using a small Philips screwdriver. Your alarm takes 3x LR44 button type batteries. You'll get around a half hour of continuous run time on a single set of batteries (or up to a year on standby!) However, we recommend keeping an extra set of batteries on hand.
Running a Trip Wire : Select an extremely lightweight, high test line to use as your tripwire. We like to use non-waxed dental floss, or a spool of fishing line. Tie a knot on the fixed end of the trip wire alarm, and start to run your perimeter. The shorter the distance of your tripwire, the less likely for accidental activation, but experiment with that. We have found that using standard or jacketed rounded (u-shaped) nails/staples make excellent corners or turning points for running a tripwire. The obvious key is to keep the tripwire taught. You can tie the terminating end of your tripwire to the grenade style pin loop on the alarm before you pull the battery tab, allowing you to run your tripwire completely and set it before activating the batteries.
Weather : The PPS-TRIP17 is weather resistant, but not waterproof. It will handle mist and light rain. Submerging the alarm or exposing it to constant sustained moisture, like any electronics, will cause it to malfunction. It can handle a wide range of temperatures, from 25F to 110F. The Vigilant Trip Wire alarm uses standard LR44 alkaline batteries, which have a long shelf life and a temperature range that exceeds what we have recommended here. The better the batteries you use, the better the performance, and as usual extreme temperatures (especially heat) will discharge batteries faster.
We hope your Vigilant Trip Wire Alarm provides you years worth of protection and peace of mind. Remember to change the batteries at least annually or any time you run the alarm for an extended period of time to keep the unit on standby at peak performance.   The PPS-TRIP17 will have a ton of interesting applications, and we encourage you to send photos and stories of how you use it to