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Vigilant Hands Free 130dB Wrist Alarm™ Personal Protection Emergency Alarm for Runners, Joggers, Walkers, Bikers, Students and Outdoor Enthusiasts (PPS-WA20)

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The Wrist Alarm™ is a hands free personal rape/jogger/student attack defense alarm designed to be worn like a watch and featuring an attention demanding 130dB alarm aimed at defusing dangerous situations.

So simple and yet so powerful. Unnoticed by an attacker, second nature to you and quickly activated. The patent pending Wrist Alarm™ deters attackers or intruders and also functions to draw attention to you if you need medical attention or help. It is worn like a watch, with a one size fits all wrist band. Traditional personal safety alarms need to be carried. Often they end up in a purse or backpack, making emergency activation difficult. The Wrist Alarm™, however, is worn on the wrist. It can be easily concealed under a sweatshirt sleeve. It was designed for one-touch activation with hands free operation, providing protection without hindering any activity.  You press a button on the face to turn it on. Attackers can't turn it off though, because a hidden off button on the back is the only way to disarm and silence it.  

The flagship model of Vigilant Personal Protection Systems, the Wrist Alarm™ is an exclusive design. Many people enjoy sports like hiking, running, or cycling, but these activities can leave you isolated and vulnerable. If you feel threatened or need emergency assistance, simply activate the Wrist Alarm™

  • 130dB personal alarm worn like a wrist watch
  • Front on button (the small black button on the face),  with concealed off button on the back
  • Large speaker port on the front (looks like a big circle on the front face - that is the speaker port where the alarm screams from!)
  • Includes 2 preinstalled, user replaceable LR44 watch type batteries
  • Black nylon water/sweat resistant adjustable wrist band.
  • One size truly fits all, adjusts from kid size to adult size with velcro adjustment
  • Tough, weather resistant ABS plastic housing
  • Thin profile at .6 inches (just over 1/2" thick) for easy concealment
  • 2" long, 1.75" across the face, and just over 1/2" thick.  It's a little thicker than a normal wrist watch.

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